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vivian don't regret, or at least try not to.
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it's a thing.

pun club

by vivian

we have like 15 members

and i'd say 95% of them are my friends who "voluntarily" joined the club (ie i forced them to join).

we have pun-offs at meetings

lame, i know, but it gets pretty intense! there's a whole tournament bracket thing and i judge the puns based on who can spit out the most pun on a given topic in x amount of time.

halloween pun party anyone?

i'm planning on having a halloween pun party next year; people have to come in punny costumes and we can eat punny food.

my halloween pun costume? i'm dressing up as life

and i'll hand out lemons to everybody (or pieces of paper with a picture of a lemon on them, because handing out fresh lemons gets expensive real fast).

we are a legit thing guys

everybody thinks that pun club is just a joke, but it's not! i swear! as the leader of pun club, i implore you all to join pun club!

have a punderful day!

see, i have so much puntential with puns. just beeleaf in me, okay? it's not a treemendous amount of effort to do so (all five puns are intended).

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