how to come up with ideas even if you have none: a five step guide

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a five step guide to ideas and success! (or maybe not.)

how to come up with ideas even if you have none: a five step guide

by vivian

1. wrack your brain for any thoughts

if you think hard enough you'll eventually come up with something. write it down and save it for later - it may be useful in the future!

2. ask your friends for ideas

it's been proven (i think?) that you come up w better ideas if you're thinking for a project that's not necessarily your own. consult some friends to see if they can help with your dilemma!

3. consult the interwebs

visit that site that features rounded iridescent letters, a simplistic background, and a floating rectangle. it's called gewgul (google) - use it and see what comes up!

4. stop thinking so hard about it and distract yourself

you may come up with an idea when you're not directly working on the problem at hand! give it a shot - and you deserve a break, anyways.

5. make a comma post about how you can't come up w any ideas

and then make said post a five-step guide of methods to maybe inspire yourself to come up w said ideas. idk. i always have no ideas - why are you asking me for help? (lol)

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a year agoReply
@vivian it's quite amazing ;)

vivianBronze Commachill
a year agoReply
@shana : thanks, i try my best XD @sydney : that's a great approach! i do the same thing too, but most of the time my friends aren't v helpful (cries) @jeremiah : i need to try some of this "work" you do lol @marino : thank you!! :)

marinoBronze Commahehe
a year agoReply
😂😂😂 love it haha

a year agoReply
i watch a movie or funny youtube videos and usually i eventually get some inspiration haha. i call it "work"

sydneyVerifiedco-creator of Commaful
a year agoReply
niceeee. my trick is to think about what i spoke about with my friends. usually my friends and i talk about something interesting enough to write about

shanaSilver CommaCommunity member
a year agoReply
^6 so meta :D