how to build up an online fanbase
how to build up an online fanbase stories

viviandon't regret, or at least try not to.
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ever wanted to be popular online? here's a quick how-to!

this is by no means a complete list; this is just an overview of some of the more popular sites. the descriptions of each site are my own opinions and do not reflect on anyone else's. this may be slightly biased towards writing websites, as that's what i have most experience with. - you can post song/dance covers here, as well as original songs too! also, funny videos (think nigahiga, IIsuperwomanII, jennamarbles, etc) work wonders. you can also vlog here, but i'd recommend getting a solid fanbase first on a main channel before you start a separate vlog channel (like nigahiga and higaTV). you can also advertise for your channel in the comments section of some more popular videos, but some don't like that. - this is a good place for fandoms (gifs, photo edits, etc). funny content is well-received here, as is fanart and occasionally fanfiction. if you're into editing or funny memes, etc, check tumblr out. just beware - conflicts can escalate quickly here, especially with inflammatory comments. but if you've been on the internet, i'm sure you know about this already. - this is a place for authors! try to get a good cover for your story (check out to make your own cover; it's pretty easy. i'm not paid to advertise them, btw, this is personal opinion). there isn't as much fanfiction here as on other sites, and wattpad itself tends to lean more towards original stories (think of the vibe as books in a bookstore, but online). the popularity selection of users and stories is more random/based on luck, so be patient here; also, your story can be popular but yourself as a user may not be (eg, you can have thousands of readers for a story but less than 25 followers). it's not my favorite site, to be honest. - there is fanfiction and fanart, as well as original poetry, art, and photography here. i wouldn't recommend editing stuff and posting it to dA unless you have permission from the creators; there's an anti-plagiarism policy here. any nsfw stuff is also banned and the staff will catch it pretty quickly. there are groups here that you can join to meet other people with similar interests, too! check those out - it's a pretty unique feature that i haven't found too much on other sites. - it's hard to get popular on this site. it's on a mostly story-by-story basis, depending on which story gets popular; there's also no "follower count" displayed here so it's less about the numbers. there's a lot of fandom stories here, be they anime- or real-person-based like The Avengers, etc, but give it a shot if you write a lot of fanfiction!

instagram (app-based) - this is mostly for original art or fanart, or photography. good artists can get a lot of coverage here! it's kind of hard to post stories here - if you want to, though, i'd recommend writing your story (or copy-pasting it) in the description of your picture. you can go tag-crazy here, too - there's no limit on your descriptions. in fact, if you want a large fanbase, i recommend tagging as much as you can as it helps people find your content quickly. fan accounts do grow in popularity rather quickly, as do accounts that repost stuff from tumblr (eg screenshotting and reposting). - funny tweets are always great, but you can't go tag-crazy here with only 140 characters. writing may be hard to do here unless you're into flash fiction or something of the sort, but you can post art! lots of artists use twitter. personally, i'm not super well-versed in tweeting since i don't use twitter very much, but it's kind of like status-based, from what i gather of the website. - to be honest, i'm not sure about this one. i see it more as a personal, connect-with-friends-and-family sort of thing, but you can make your own art page or business page and get people to like it. do what you want, though!

how to build up an online fanbase

by vivian

make some quality content!

if you want a big fanbase, users want some original quality content. be it fanart/fanfiction, photo edits, covers, whatever you're good at, post it online! or just be funny - that works, too.

now i have some content... where do i post?

it really depends on what sort of content you create! i have a detailed (ish) list in this story's description if you want some help, or comment if you have any other questions or concerns!

i've posted! how do i get feedback?

try leaving feedback on others' works, joining groups with others with similar interests, tag your work, etc! i'll go more into detail in the coming slides.

get feedback [and leave feedback!]

leave comments on other people's works! it'll make them happy and chances are that they'll check out your page / work as well. and of course, when you get comments, reply to them! be friendly.

get feedback [stay connected]

nobody likes an artist that's distant and never replies (of course, if you have 1 million followers, that's a bit different). be friendly, be grateful to your fans, and reply to your comments.

get feedback [similar interests]

if there's such a feature, join groups of stuff you're interested in or of stuff you post about! this'll expose your creations to people with similar interests who might like your creations.

get feedback [tag stuff]

no, not a clothing tag like the gif lady! tag your work with any and all relevant tags - this will help people find your work when they search for a certain thing in the search box.

get feedback [ask around]

this tends to be more common on instagram, but you can try asking for a shoutout, follow for follow, etc. do this at your own discretion, though - some people don't like this/find it annoying.

get feedback [keep improving]

it can take a while before your popularity grows. while you wait, keep improving your skills! a good artist will get what they deserve, but at this point you've done what you can! keep at it.

why aren't i popular yet?! where are my fans?!

don't be disheartened if you're not instantly popular! it takes time to build up a fanbase, trust me on this. just keep going; you'll get there, i promise!

what websites should i post to? [check description below]

i've made a list in the description! it's by no means a complete list, but it's a good place to start. keep in mind that different websites have different types of art that are popular there.

any more questions?

leave me a comment and i'll try to get back to you ASAP!

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