five stages of waking up
five stages of waking up sleeping stories

vivian don't regret, or at least try not to.
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for those who struggle with getting up in the mornings.

five stages of waking up

by vivian

1. you wake up at 5am naturally

the room is flooded with ethereal blue light and everything is bathed in this gorgeous cobalt pastel blue. you're still groggy and tired and want to sleep, so you do, but it's beautiful.

2. you wake up and realize that you have more time to sleep

and you fall back into bed perfectly happy.

3. you wake up when your alarm goes off

you fumble about for your phone or alarm clock and hit "snooze" before falling back into your bed to escape into the sticky clutches of sleep.

4. you wake up again after you hit snooze x amount of times

there should be a limit on the number of times you can hit snooze consecutively. you're no longer refreshingly tired like you were at 5am, but now you want to murder the first thing you see.

5. you finally turn your alarm off

but fall back into bed and laze about for a good ten minutes or so while trying to not fall asleep. again. for the 83rd time.

because really, waking up and getting up?

we all know they're two different things.

so, are you an early bird or a night owl?

and who else loves those early morning 5am blue light vibes? i dont really like getting up then but the light is just gorgeous. i swear i died and went to heaven, it's so beautiful.

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