Flying spirit
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viveknegi born too late for my time
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a imaginative piece of amature scribbles...thinking to share it after a long time

Flying spirit

O sweet fin! O spirit divine!

Would ye share those blazing wings?

With fervour soul of mine

Heark once to each of mine beat

As i do everday to glee of thee

And you would know its very bleat

I wonder again and again

Left to my own disdain

If you sing for me in vain!

Reaching my bark even in rain

Lend me supple drives of thee

Those seeker of thee infinite strive

Rest a while, let me drive

Bead to bead i will dive

Wreathing around every nearby grove

Twittering and chirping in mine rainbow hue

To finish deeds you forgot to do

O restless seraph ! O elfin twitter!

I would welcome that early red sun

With dulcet tunes sung in dun

Of morning times, that hour of repose

Larking about in mellow bower

In lap of ethereal morning dower

I would make your blissful shower

Of words so sweet, a sign of greet

To every leaf crispy breathe

Moulding every bit as supposed I

In the turf and in the gloaming sky.

As dusk would fall soon

I shall retire to lie next to thou

After my farewell to lonesome moon

To embrace thou sight

Of passionate efforts in uneasy plight

O my sylvan sprite! O dream of mine!

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