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vitasthis is a self-indulgent mess
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Just climb the fuck out
(Whoop, another lazy one that is ehhhh)

I’ve fallen into the category of ‘stuck-up, quiet, and bitchy,’

I’ve fallen into the stereotype of a ‘wannabe halfie,’

and I’ve fallen far enough that these are things I started to believe.

I never fall voluntarily, if I wanted it, I'd jump-

-but no, other people pushed me to the edge and decided where I should go,

which hole I fall into,

which holes I 'belong' in.

It’s important to know, though,

that these holes are shallow.

These titles and labels only go up so high,

and they only get to your head if you let yourself fall that far.

I almost did, but trust me when I say,

just climb the fuck out,

and make sure you lend a hand to the others still in there.

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