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vitalsigns81 Failure means you get to try again
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☀️Sun shines a message☀️

Attention to all who live under me:

I want to reinforce some things you may have forgotten. I shine regardless of your darkness.

I have the power to make the wilted open and live again. This is my glory.

I have the ability to make the deepest of sorrows melt to the Earth. This is my art.

Even on the cloudiest of days I am here. Teaching the clouds to lead.

My purpose is connection. My motive is your motivation. Please trust in me.

Exchange your blue light for some sunlight. Your brain cells will thank you.

Come relish in my rays. Come feel the warmth of my embrace.

You are welcome To witness my rise.

I set As so you. Please join me.

Appointments never needed. I love spontaneity.

You are welcome On your downtime;

You are welcome On your downtime or In your spare time.

Come anytime. Come rain or shine.

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