An inventory of all the scars on my face

                         An inventory of all
                         the scars on my face face stories

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Stream of consciousness

An inventory of all the scars on my face

I have a scar on my forehead

From falling into the corner of a night table

Whilst jumping on a bed like a monkey

I was about 3 years old I think

Mom put a butterfly bandaid on it

I disregarded my parents advice and

Continued to jump on the bed for many more years.

I have many scars on my cheek from chickenpox

I was always a scab picker

Couldn't fight the urge

Mom said they'd leave scars

She was right

But rest assured I never let her know.

I have a scar on the bridge of my nose

My cousin threw a 20 oz bottle soda at me

Hit me square in the nose

Wasn't even looking her direction

My dad saw and got incredibly angry with her

In all my anger I still felt bad for her

I remember all these years later

I still don't know what her intentions were

My damn nose throbbed for hours maybe even days.

I have a scar above my eyebrow

I was in an accident my senior year of high school

About 3 weeks before graduation

I was hit by a firetruck

I made a left turn at a protected green arrow

Mid way through the intersection

I see it from the left

Lights on with no sirens headed right towards me

I have little scars all over my body from shattered glass

The movie final destination was popular at the time

I believed my death was inevitable after that.

I have a scar emerging

from the outer corner of my right eye that makes me look sad

I tripped over a broken sidewalk

My eyeglasses broke

And the sharp arm edge gouged me narrowly missing my eye

My friend Paulina helped me home

I was quite inebriated on PBR and whiskey

I also broke my front tooth in that fall.

I have a scar across my lower lip that

extends down to my chin a bit.

I got arrested

I was drunk and disorderly again

My hands and feet were shackled

I was a troublemaker

I was pushed by a female officer and fell like a sack of potatoes

I had never had a wound bleed so much

I don't drink anymore

I was allergic.

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