Whose Fault?
Whose Fault? short story stories

vishalchoudhary i lived through several lives
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whose fault is it?the honest man?the innocent boy?or the cruel people?

Whose Fault?

He was crying,again.

he came crying to the home all the way from the gate of the garden.he was the only child of the farmer,worn out cloths,colored with dirt.

"why do they do it?what did i do wrong?",said the crying and sobbing child,standing in front of his father,the farmer,feeling sad for his son's innocence.

The farmer worked all day in his fields,as expected of a farmer he was hardworking and never complaining about the life he was living.

The garden in front of his house had many different types of fruit trees.Children from nearby localities would come to his park,eat and collect fruits,never caring about the garden,

they would pluck vines,waste fruits,pluck small plants from ground.

The little boy,"Sam",would stop them,at least he would try to do so,but his father would always ask him to be friend with those children,and in that way they shall stop harming the park.

Farmer was kind hearted,he would find those children the best fruits in his garden,and would have a smile on his face when Sam would play with the outsiders.

"daddy,i want to go with my friends",says the boy with a glitter on his face.

"mind telling me what's making you so happy Sam?"

"they have a tamarind tree,they said they eat tamarinds,they are very good they say",asks the boy further,"why don't we have tamarind tree in our garden?"

"i shall go to market to buy seeds on Friday,i shall buy you tamarinds and we shall plant a tamarind soon if you want",said the farmer trying to calm the overjoyed and curious little boy.

"I told you,we shall plant tamarind soon,why would you leave the farm when i was in the market,i bought you tamarinds",the farmer broke looking at his crying child.

"but they come to our garden to eat fruits,you never beat them,i was just collecting a few tamarinds,i didn't even harm anything"cries the child even more.

the father gives him a sweet he bought from market,but the child won't eat it.

"they said they would sell the tamarinds,i was stealing their money,but my friends come to eat fruits and take them home from our garden don't they?"

"why don't you stop them daddy?"the father now can't answer the child yet,he is too young to understand how the world works.\

so he just took another sweet out of the bag and said'"lets eat sweets,they are very good,see i am eating too",the child slowly stops crying eats the sweet

and a very pleasant smile followed by chuckle sweetens the surrounding,the father takes a breath of relief and smiles looking at the pleasant face of his

honest and innocent child.

Thinks the farmer,"is it their fault that they beat my child for his innocence?or is it mine because i don't scare off the little children from my garden"

"even though they harm my garden",but then again he looks at the smiling face of Sam and forgets about it.

i decided to fly over the farmer's fields,still thinking about the same question farmer had in his mind,Whose Fault is it?

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