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A GAME OF FATE, read this thriller fantasy novel. chapter 1.1 is just the beginning.


1.1_ An Evil Union

"Young Master......young master where are you?.......

", the housemaid with her pitched voice was calling her young master in the streets of "Nosa" a countryside town in "Inutania", the richest country of the world.

"Oh there you are, master, it's almost dark master, please come back to the mansion with me".

"But, this puppy wants to come with me"

"I am afraid that lord Eric and your mother won't allow the puppy in the mansion."

"I don't care, I want this puppy to be in our garden," shouted the boy.

the maid was helpless against the will of the young master but she was sure about getting a lecture from the boy's mother, madam Erica, maybe her wage gets cut.

the boy walks with the puppy in a large estate, green, rich in flowers and beautiful fountains, and amidst stood a large and magnificent villa.

The young boy's personal butler and servants greeted their master, some looked pale when they figured the upcoming quarrel between the boy and parents over the dog.

"how irresponsible of you, Krashu", shouted the father

"why did you bring the dog in, you know you your father hates them." supported the mother.

"you are supposed to take control of this estate and our business someday"

"you need to grow up, child"

"that's nothing like the behavior of us royal bloods."

and the sounds slowly faded in the boy's ears, and he had a wicked smile on his face.

he held the dining cloth on the table in both hands and pulled it down, destroying the fashionable dinner environment, and ran upstairs.

Krashu reached his room with anger in his eyes and said "get lost", to the guards and the maids near his room.

he entered his room, and smacked the door, and was surprised to find a goblin-like creature, wearing a lot of silver and clapping, what a show you made down there!

"You look disgusting and how did you get up here", asked the boy

"oh!you truly have no sense of fear","well look I got your puppy up here"

"Oh! thank you!said the boy, and taking the puppy from his hand threw it out of the window from that height"

"why would you do that?"

"I hate dogs, I just brought it here to irritate them"

"amazing, as good as I was told about you, lord Krashu"

"who are you", asked the boy.

"the name is Evilmoon"

then Evilmoon looked at the ring the boy was wearing,"oh!

so this is what that priest did to hide the true form of our glorious lord Krashu", thinking this in his mind he asked,"why do you wear that ring, Lord?"

the boy had no answer to this,

"you don't know?"

"I can't take it out of my finger, I hate it."

"you sure do hate it, what if I say that I can take this ring off"

"do it", said the boy in a tone of order.

"How glorious it is to be ordered by the Lord himself, I am going to brag about it back home"

"but I can't take out ring right now, sorry my lord",

"you want money? take as much as you want"

"your money doesn't exist in our world"

"where are you from exactly?"

"excuse me for my stupidity, I forgot to mention about it, I am from Sherak, a world my father the great evil king 'Vaja' rules"

that's enough......a voice orders and a portal appears taking the prince of Sherak,evilmoon, with it.

in a strange world........

in a gigantic castle made of pure crystals......the prince evilmoon confronts his father, Vaja

"But father, I was with the lord Krashu, he wanted that ring to be removed."

"we are not allowed to do so, we are nothing more then pawns in this game, we aren't allowed to act on our own, if we do remove the ring before the boy is 16, Sherak will perish."

"we have to wait for another three years? I can't wait to see lord Krashu play, I want to witness the purest form of evil, as predicted by the priests 13 years ago."

"I shall go right now and remove the ring"

"that's enough of your childish games, do something against the rules and you are no longer the prince."

"take him away guards, feed him to the monster of lake "Mori", reincarnation will take some time, that will hold him back".

the guards take the prince away, and the king leaves the room with a golden staff in his hand.

back in the castle of Nosa, the young boy Krashu looks down from his window and puts a wicked smile on his face looking at the injured and crawling poor animal he threw out of his window.

chapter 1 part 1 ends here ___ to be continued

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