Where do we go?
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virgomemento 22y/o that just doesn’t have it together
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Where do we go?

Summer nights and autumn leaves. Winter snow and spring flowers. Seasons can work so well together or they can destroy each other.

That summer heat slowly transitioning into a cool promise of renewing. That winter white fading until everything is ready to escape the slumber and color our world again.

But what would happen if the summer heat never left? Or the winter's ice never melted? What if we are great for each other or what if we're toxic?

Can we learn to embrace our differences and work towards a balance? You once had this fire in you. But your flame is gone and all that's left is this cold void. Was it me? Was it life?

I don't know. But I need that warmth again. I need you. So where do we go from here my love? Because no season is any good without you.

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