The simple things ♥️
The simple things ♥️ forever stories

virgomemento22y/o that just doesn’t have it together
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Our warm safe haven.

The simple things ♥️

I awoke to the sound of your snore. I suppose it would bother anyone else, but all I could do was look at you in awe.

Even asleep, you’re so perfect.

Last night we celebrated our two year anniversary. I can’t believe it’s been that long already.

I move closer to you and wrap my arm around your side. I love sleeping face to face like this. You... being the very last thing I see before I slip away from the world.

After a moment, you open your eyes to look at me.

Her: You okay baby? Me: Yea I’m okay. Let’s go back to sleep. It’s too early.

Then I kiss your forehead. And we blissfully slip away together.

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