Slow lane
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Overwhelming need...

Slow lane

Today was a long day. Exams are coming up and it's getting harder harder to cram all the studying with the job hours. I know in the end though it'll all be worth it.


Every time I hear that familiar sound of a text message alert, my heart always drops. I always hope it's you.

"Be ready by 7, we're going out. Love you baby."

Suddenly all the stress I felt, washed away.

At exactly 6:54 she arrived at my house. She's always been punctual. The doorbell rings and I rush and put on my other earring before heading downstairs to open the door.

When I open the door, she catches my breath for a second. Her fierce brown eyes and beautiful cocoa skin so mesmerizing.

Then after a moment, I realize she's holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

"Hey baby. I hope this doesn't seem cliche but I stopped by the store for a bottle of water and I seen these and I just wanted to get them for you."

"No they're beautiful. Thank you baby. You look so beautiful."

"So do you. As always. You ready?"

"Yea let me grab my purse."

We get in the car and make our way to the other side of town to a nice little restaurant she was talking about the other day. She's been wanting to come here.

We walk in and after a moment, a waitress walks us to a booth. It's pretty nice inside. Low lights and decorated but not overly so. It has a romantic vibe to it.

We sit down and order a drink to start. She gets a jack and coke. I get a vodka and sprite. In a lot of ways, we're pretty much opposite. But I think that's a good thing.

It makes us learn from each other.

So we eat expensive food and have a couple drinks. Afterwards we just sit and talk about what we've been up to. She says her job is talking about promoting her.

I talk about school and how exams are coming up. She gives me some encouraging words and reassures me that I'll do great.

After some time, we get the check and head to the car. We spend some time just riding around and listening to slow songs. At some point, we reach a red light and she looks over at me.

I look at her. Right now there's a sexy song on the radio and suddenly I just get this feeling. Like I need her. I think she feels it too because she places her hand on my thigh.

Immediately my body reacts, but I try to hide it. She starts rubbing my leg and I can feel... this overwhelming need.

"You wanna come over? My roommate is out of town so it'll just be us", she says.

"Yea, that's fine baby."

So we drive in the slow lane with the radio playing love songs and her hand on my thigh. And all I can feel is complete total bliss.

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