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just feelin really ... uninspired and unmotivated


by virgo

i am icarus, but less inspired,

a speck of glitter that lost it's sparkle, floating with no particular destination.

earlier, with high hopes, i flew as high as i could,

made myself proud.

my wings, seemingly invincible,

soared against the winds, continuing on an upward journey.

but i flew too close to the sun.

i'm not falling, not really,

not yet.

although my wings are just as strong as before,

just as beautiful, capable,

i just glide, not going up or down,

just steady, stable, safe, boring.

you see, unlike icarus, my wings have not melted,

i have just lost my momentum.

maybe this is the highest i can go,

maxed out, reached the limit too early.

icarus was forced to fall, wings melting, quick end,

i, have a slow decent to the ground,

a safe landing, but a difficult trek back up.

i reached my peak,

now, just like icarus, there is no where to go but down.

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jeremiahCommabassadorCommunity member
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6 months agoReply
@valerie thank you! :)

valerieBreathe. You're alive.
6 months agoReply
Love your work.

7 months agoReply
Love this is there ever really a bottom when you fall or do you pass through the center on your way back up with a new beginning a new place to start

7 months agoReply
@kaylynn thank u so much!

kaylynnGifted WriterAwkward writer girl @TheSilentWriter23
7 months agoReply
the way you used your words painted this picture in my head I could not get rid of. It's phenomenal. Just...wow! Excellent work :)

7 months agoReply
@shana @bernardtwindwil @jennyl thank u! :)

shanaCommabassadorCommunity member
7 months agoReply
wow i loved your past posts. and this one was worth the wait!

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
7 months agoReply
This really hit a resonant chord with me. It was beautifully cast in a juxtaposition of your flight against that of Icarus. I have a bit of advice for you and others. Keep your flight straight and true. When you land, waste no time, get your ducks in a row and march back up that hill because your flights are going to keep getting better. Great post!!!!!

7 months agoReply
i know this feeling. thanks for sharing this. also made me smile from thinking back to the icarus story