Not always the bad guy...
Not always the bad guy... roman stories

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Virgil's POV I don't fit in.

Not always the bad guy...

Virgil's POV

I don't fit in.

Nobody likes me.

I'm ALWAYS the bad guy.

These thoughts swirl around in my head for so long that I can't think straight. Well, I'm not straight so that shouldn't matter. It started when I first came here.

I was the one whom nobody liked. Sure, Patton was friendly, but I know he didn't actually like me. I was the cruel one. The side that provided rude commentary and looks of pure hatred.

There was just one thing that sent me over the edge. Roman.

I sit up in my bed and choke back a sob, letting the pain settle inside of me, not wanting to alert the others of something being wrong. Quietly, I head towards the kitchen to get a snack.

I haven't eaten in 4 days and my stomach is aching from the absence of food.

While opening the fridge, I hear a familiar voice. "Hey, kiddo!" Patton. I look to my right to see him staring at me with a wide grin.

Slowly, I give him a reassuring smile and a wave to let him know that I'm okay. Suddenly, I feel a tingling sensation. Surely the fanciful side is just around the corner.

My insides start to shrink and my hands begin shaking. "Virgil? What's wrong my dark, strange son?" He rushes over and tries to touch my shoulder. On instinct, I flinch and give out a yelp.

Without thinking, I run to my room, leaving a quite perplexed Dad in the kitchen.

Roman's POV

Seeing Virgil fled the scene, I came to Patton for questioning. "Uh...what was that, padre?" I asked him.

"It seems that Panic at the Everywhere was in a hurry to be somewhere? Perhaps causing Thomas more distress?"

"Now, Roman. You know that Virgil is STILL one of us," Patton said sternly.

"R-right. Absolutely."

"Would you like some dinner? I'm going to make orange chicken and triple layer cookie-pie!"

I try to ignore his plead for some "quality time" that he is desperately craving. His eagerness was so obvious that I wanted to squeeze the sadness right out of the poor guy. "Uh...not now.

My mind is to perplexed at the moment. Perhaps Logan will join you! He seems to be well, particularly...cheerful....

today! Seeing the smile wipe off of Patton's face killed my insides but I was dying to know what was wrong with Virgil. Giving Patton a quick hug and a smile, I made my descent to Virgil's room.

Something was going on with him. And I'm going to get to the bottom of it.

** Hey everyone! This is my first ever story on here so I'm excited to continue with it.

I will try to update as frequently as I can and if you have any suggestions for upcoming events, please let me know! Thanks!**

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