Well, they do say life's a bitch.
SPACE [Part 02] thriller stories

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Based on the song "Space" by Ally Hills. Originally written for a contest.

Well, they do say life's a bitch.



Jade hangs up, and I sigh in relief. This always meant she was on her way. I learned that rather quickly while she and I were together.

I stand and pull on my boots with a struggle (due to my hands) and walk into the bathroom.

I am a fucking wreck. I smooth the hair out of my face before grabbing the first aid kit from under the sink.

I dress the wound with a struggle, and then I wrap a wrap around my knuckles and hands before sealing it tightly with surgical tape. With the pressure added, I can barely feel it.

I undress rather quickly and almost slip getting into the shower.

I wash my body off with a wince in all the major areas (especially under my arms) and begin to shampoo my hair with my favorite shampoo - cherry blossom.

I condition it with the same counterpart. After it's all washed out, I step out and dry myself off. I almost don't notice Jade standing in the doorway.

I did notice her, but that doesn't stop me from letting out a slightly feminine squeal, which makes Jade snort. "Sorry. You forget I still have a key."

Jade is very tall and has naturally long, flowing, black hair. Her eyes are, ironically, green, and she's rather pale. Her nose is long and pointed down (with a little bump towards her bridge).

Her lips aren't as full as they probably should. They are thin, which matches her body. She is very frail. Perhaps a bit unhealthy.

She's gorgeous though — every inch of her.

"I already saw your room," She admitted sheepishly pointing with her thumb towards the bedroom. I wrap myself in a towel and look behind her. "Oh. That."

Jade snorts, "You loved that bitch enough to do that?" I nod. "She was the only thing that kept me happy."

Usually, Jade would act like she was offended and dramatically put her hand over her chest in mock offense. "What about me?" She would wine. But for now, she's not.

She seems very calm and collected.

And worried.

"I'm fine Jade. Go sit out in the living room while I get dressed and brush my hair."

"What happened to your hands and knuckles. Wait, don't tell me, it has something to do with the vanity that's broken in the corner of the room, doesn't it?"

"Just please go sit down."

Jade listens (for once), and I get dressed within the next minute. I quickly brush my hair and pull it into a bun before going out to the living room.

There Jade is, holding my ball python in the corner.

Jade turns to me and grins. "When did you get this?"

"You say "this" as if it's like...a purse of some sorts for instance." I laugh as I walk to the kitchen and begin to pop us a bag of popcorn.

"That's Sugar," I say as I put the popcorn in the microwave and hit the "3 Minutes" option. "She's a blue-eyed leucistic. They call the morph a Blue-Eyed Lucy."

Jade grins and looks at my little noodle.

"She's beautiful," Jade said and gently put Sugar back in her enclosure,

from which she slithered back into her hide in annoyance that some giant fucking hand would scoop her up while she was napping.

I suppose I would be too.

I pull my phone out. No missed calls. I whimper a bit and go to unlock my phone, but Jade, whom I swear is as quiet as a mouse, snatches it from me before I could.

"That is what we're not going to do."

I don't say a word as she stands there for a moment, putting my phone on the counter. She scoops me up the moment the first tear falls. I relax instantly in her arms and just...sob.

"Why would she do this to me?" I cry.

"I know baby, I know," Jade murmured as she held me rather tightly. A little too tightly for my liking.

"You know what they say, Faith." Jade murmurs to me. "What?" I whisper and look up towards her. "Well, they say life's a bitch."

Just as she finished that sentence, the microwave finished popping popcorn, and I quickly grab it and put it in a bowl for us.

And there we sat, talking about anything and everything in the living room while watching some show on Reality TV. I don't even know what the fuck it was, but it was entertaining.

Jade ended up falling asleep, and I slowly turned off the TV. Life's a bitch. Life IS a bitch.

Fuck it.

Fuck life.

I look up towards the wall in front of the TV. There lies a picture of Andrea and I, curled up and laughing. Jade took that picture for us and framed it without us knowing.

It hung on our wall for a month before we noticed. I shook my head and fist clinches. I gently sweep from Jade's arms and check my phone. I shakily look at the time. 3 AM.

If I can't have Andrea, who can? Who would hold her tightly at night when she has panic attacks? Who would kiss her like no one else ever could?

No one. No one can touch Andrea but me.

All I can see is red as I dial the number and hear the voicemail.

"Hi, this is Andrea; leave a message."

That's fucking it.

I look towards Jade. Oh, the life I could have with that bundle of joy right there.

But I don't want her.

And if I can't have Andrea no one fucking can.

All in the scope of seventeen hours. Why couldn't I last longer? I didn't care. I went into my room and grabbed most of the rose petals before going into the kitchen.

I stood there for a minute staring at the sheathing holder before finally gritting my teeth and walking over to it. I grab one of the biggest knives I could and eye it gingerly.

And then I just left in my 1967 Chevy Impala. I went.

The drive to Andrea's apartment was a long one. The rose petals lay in the passenger seat, and all was silent. I shifted gears and sped up as I neared the condo.

My heart pounded as I slowly, ever so slowly, stopped in front of it.

I got out with the knife hidden in my jacket. I walk up to the windows and begin to peep in her bedroom. There she was. She was sleeping just fine. As she always did when she was alone in bed.

Maybe there was just something about another person sleeping with her that I never came to realize.

And the sick part about this all is that she always left the window unlocked in case a fire broke out.

The windows were large and made it very easy for me to slip my body through. When I lay eyes on Andrea's sleeping body, I feel sick.

All in the same I think a sweet, sweet feeling of happiness for a brief moment. I stare at her for a good five minutes...and then my phone chimes.

It makes her stir, but she otherwise doesn't make a noise. I check my phone. It's Jade.

Jade: Where the fuck are you?

Jade: Why is there a knife gone in the kitchen?

I turn my phone off just in case she calls me and slowly approach the bed. I smirk as I see her stir a bit. Princess is waking up. Goodnight.

I straddle her, and without a second thought, I plunge my knife deeply into her chest. Her eyes shoot open and she goes to scream, but it's gurgled. Blood splattered everywhere.

Blood is rushing out of her mouth and nose as her eyes lay wide. In them a sense of helplessness, surprise, and betrayal. It, for some reason, fuels me to pull it out and plunge it in her again.

And again. And again.

Blood is splattering everywhere now. And her body jolts with every stab. Blood begins to squirt from her chest as more blood falls from her mouth.

She's dead. Why do I keep stabbing? I continue to thrust until I feel all the anger wash away from me. I pull out the knife and admire my handwork.

Her chest is severely wounded, blood oozing from it. Her eyes are still full, and her face is twisted into that of pain. Forever. That's all they'll see when they find us tomorrow morning.

That's all they'll understand. Her hand fell from my thigh as I slowly curled beside her. I laid there for a moment panting before looking to her. She's growing cold now.

Well, they do say life's a bitch.

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