Three Lines
Three Lines addiction stories

violetsummers Raw insight to everything in my mind🌸🖤
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I am in recovery now. But this is a poem from back when I was in my addiction.

Three Lines

Those three pretty lines look me right in the eyes and tell me i'll be fine All your worries will soon fade away

And so i trust them

Lean over and snort my pain away Number than ever never felt better Telling myself that everything will be okay

Unfortunately for me my own self destruction tastes so sweet in the heat of the moment So I feed it to myself on a silver spoon Because truthfully part of me doesn't think I deserve peace

I'll throw myself into the fire right as my burns start to heal I always find more comfort in misery than joy

I am so empty

I’ve forgotten what it’s like to feel okay

I continually crawl back to the life I swear I don't wanna live in

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