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Coffee and Cigarettes


If only the sugar could be dissolved

In each breakfast roast

Without needing to stir up

All the emotions that came without warning.

Sweet and tingling feelings dissolving

For someone who left a taste so bitter.

A deep, unresolved heat

That boiled through the frost of winter.

A scalding, unending warmth

That melted all unease like a popsicle.

Cheeks stained a rosy hue,

Lips an iridescent red,

Facing a contrasting soul,

That was a clairvoyant blue.

Heart placed in a paper cup,

And sold with a sweet syrupy lie.

Time had changed curiosities into predictions,

Almost as if things were meant to be,

With quiet confessions and undying trust;

The heart can be so keen to this pain.

Days go by, years do too,

This suffering was predetermined,

And the stitches that were sewn,

Somehow strung all your pieces together.

Foreign fingerprints dragged across the mirror,

And sheets with a smell that still remains.

Destruction and used coffee filters,

Are all that was left behind.

Leftover brew, unable to swallow,

The snap of a lighter, and the ebbing of smoke.

Each drag releases what was harbored,

And it is tranquil; it is forgiving.

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