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A Wings of Fire story.


Characters: Wild: Male, silver and black, nightwing/icewing hybrid Storm: Skywing male, blood red. Ice: Nightwing/Icewing female, dark blue with silver scales under wings Moon: Nightwing male Lilly: Mudwing male amber brown

Ice trotted down the long tunnel to The Cave. Her dark blue scales rippling with satisfaction. Hearing footsteps, she turned around and saw Moon. "Hey, Ice." He smiled. "Hi." Ice said quietly. Moon and Storm had feelings for her. "Anything wrong?" Moon asked. "Nothing." She said shortly, hoping he got the hint.

Moon sighed and turned down the opposite hall. Ice grinned slightly, she was in her cave. Sighing, she lied on her bed. Then she remembered. She was getting a Roommate.

Wild looked at the map Lilly had given him. He entered the room... He seen Ice. "H-hi..." He mumbled. "Hi, are you new here?" Ice asks. "Yeah... I'm Wild." He looked at her. "My name is Ice. I'm a Nightwing/Icewing hybrid." She sighed. "I am too." He smiled slightly, she did to.

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