You Couldn't See What I Could
You Couldn't See What I Could button poetry stories

violentrose Community member
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- If it looks like sugar, tastes like sugar, and acts like sugar it's probably a death trap.

You Couldn't See What I Could

Remember the when we kissed? For you, it was just a kiss. But for me - oh for me,

It was the beginning of something beautiful

It was a flower in bloom

The first firework that goes off on the fourth of July

It was a 3 AM conversation

It was a freshly baked cookie, straight out of the oven

It was two floating rocks in space crashing into each other and making something incredible out of the destruction

For me it was more than just a kiss. It was always more than what it was for you. Standing next to you was a journey in itself.

But it will always be just a kiss to you. It will always just be what it is.

And I hope in time I learn to stay away from your acid touch that smells too much like sugar because being this intoxicated by your presence has to be lethal.

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