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violandviolinA writer of sorts
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I'm not American but my angry will not leave me. The youth of tomorrow's voice need to be heard.


by violandviolin

Don't let this Abuser,

Don't let this 'pussy grabbing" Don't let this don’t let this homophobic/transphobic Don’t let this racist Don’t let this sexist


we have right to be angry, we need to stay angry, telling us to 'get over it' won't stop us, only to fuel us.

History will repeat itself unless we fight. The youth of tomorrow can change the world .30/1/1933 - 9/11/2016

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
9 months agoReply
I feel your disgust and anger. This was a beautifully written and expressed message. You don't have to be an American to be offended by this jackass. This is offensive to human rights. Great story.!!!