Stop calling me tomboy
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Stop calling me tomboy

by vinshikajain

Just because I am comfortable talking about sex.

Just because I don't feel awkward in front of boys.

Just because I don't feel like wearing tone of makeup on my face just to impress some one.

Just because I don't believe in relationships.

Just because I don't cry shitty reasons.

Just because I am not scared of cockroaches.

Just because I am not able to fake myself.

Just because I hate when I am out with a boy and he pays for my side.

Just because I believe in putting my point of opinion.

Just because I don't feel like putting that red lipstick that make me look sexy from outside.

Just because I believe you can be sexy by your attitude and not your fakeness.

Just because I believe in wearing those sandals which makes me comfortable rather than wearing those high heels which make me look good from outside and kill me from inside.

Just because I speak my mind rather than bitching about it.

Just because I wear unisex watch and hates to wear the one who has exploring diamonds on.

Just because I love driving rather than sitting on others side.

Just because I don't take two hours to dress up for a shitty party and dress up in five minutes.

Just because I believe that men can cry and they can love pink colour as well.

Just because I believe in open relationship rather than the one in which other partner is cheating.

Just because I believe in wearing helmet while driving rather than tieing a scarf which is a way to suffocating.

Just because I believe in equality rather than being biased on one gender.

Just because I don't know how to put mascara and kajal on my eyes.

Just because I carry my own luggage when I am travelling rather than depending on a guy.

Just because I am comfortable with my bra strap visible.

Just because I use swear words rather than talking politely.

Stop calling me a tomboy just because of your small mind which have a small image of so called delicate girl.

Stop addressing girls with different name just because they don't pass your so called norms.

Thank you so much for reading.

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