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She Agreed

by vinshikajain

They said don't post your photo on social media it can get photoshop. She agreed.

They said don't wear short clothes it makes boys attracted towards you . She agreed .

They said don't talk to stranger's . She agreed.

They said no hostel life . She agreed .

They said no night out . She agreed .

They said never listen to your heart . She Agreed .

They said never date anyone because good girls don't do that . She agreed .

They said don't talk about periods it's a taboo. She agreed.

They said no guys should be your friend because society doesn't accept it. She agreed .

They said marry him . She agreed .

The night she got married to him, He raped her soul and body. She shout but you know good girls can't stop there husband from doing anythig.

That day she died in washroom by drinking toilet cleaner because good girls can't fight back .

Thank you for reading. The term good girls is used just to showcase the irony of society.(don't get offended).

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