He called !!!
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He called !!!

by vinshikajain

It was the most exciting part of the year as it was the launch of new book of my favorite author I was so excited about the book.

There have been several competition coming up on his page everyday as every author has to do advertisement about their book and I took part in every single competition without hoping to win any.

And then one such competition come up in which you. Need to send the screenshot of the pre-order and tag the author and I do so and forgot about it.

Then one random day I got a notification which says I win the competition and he will call me and i was numb that moment because their were thousands of his fan who took part in it and. I win it

I was on cloud nine that time and started dancing untill my legs started paining I still can't belive that and then I beg my mom to get me an internet pack and she agrees as she know how. Me

Then after 5 days i get an message asking for my number i check that account and it was official account and i message them my no .. I was so happy that. I didn't went to schol that day.

And at 3 pm I got his call that moment was the most amazing moment of my life i talk with him for about 5 mins and 38secs . the best moment of my life .

This day still gives me goosebumps and when i remember what i talk with him there is always a smile on my face .

So thank you for reading this ...😃❤

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