Schizophrenia's Vacuum
Schizophrenia's Vacuum mental illness stories

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Schizophrenia's Vacuum


My legs are roots and my body is a plant. They have been burned and are in incredible pain; I cannot walk on my own. I am green. I need to find the sun. The sun has energy for me.

Photosynthesis. I need the energy so my legs will be able to walk again. This is important because I need to walk to the South Pole and teach the penguins to fly.

I can fly; I’ve done it many times. But people insist that if I try I will not be able to fly and will hurt myself.

Soon it won’t matter that I can fly because the sky is changing colors and falling.

My brain feels numb. It is like a cloud of confusion settles over my mind specifically covering the top of my head and forehead.

Sometimes I feel this way when the voices are too loud and I have no other thoughts. My thoughts are taken away by a vacuum that I can actually hear sucking my thoughts up.

The vacuum is schizophrenia; schizophrenia removes the thoughts and makes it hard to function. This book narrates my story with schizophrenia and the thoughts that the vacuum stole.

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