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vinay_sharma I write only when I feel puffed up.
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WITH A RHYME.’ Represents the divine and invincible
power of time. Time is so infinite that the poet believe that his
rhyme wasn’t enough to describe its immortality and uncanny
nature. The peculiar nature about which the poet has been
talking is that ‘it waits for none’, it does not matter that
whether you are a saint, an extremely wealthy or a semi-divine
authority. The only thing it cares about is its utilization. There
are plenty of consequences regarding the wastage of time, and
the degree of destruction can be negligible as well as far
devastating too. Time and hard work are not the absolute
enemy, they can be bought together by mutual management
and the poet has tried to call the ‘foe’ on the scientific basis of
inverse proportionality between them. Which is simply that the
harder you work to do something, the more time it takes but
the fruit it proffers gives the most delightful taste. The
concluding lines are a significance of the Greek term ‘Tartarus’,
which was a magical dungeon, used to punish the titans and
escaping which was nearly unimaginable and the only one who
could have surpassed it was the titan god ‘Cronus’.


Time, time and time How to cover it just with a rhyme?

The power it posses The nature it has

Regards none specially, The one who leads bully.

Better be a friend of time Else just wait for the outshine.

Greats said, "time waits for none", And halfwits make it easy to begone.

Time and Hard work are foe Both try to make shots in a row,

The more perseverance hard work requires The more time trespasses,

The less time you give upon something The more it results in nothing.

The result the stealth gives, Is that what a god's

Enchantment can cause To just wait for the applause.

Then the worth paves the way out from Tartarus To appoint you as the titan god, Cronus.

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