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The story of how a great, technologically advanced species come about their doom...

What We Know

Nothing. We knew nothing. And yet we fancied ourselves gods. Laughable, isn't it? Ignorant gods, who couldn't even save themselves.

We were nothing but an insignificantly small species, floating about on a speck, among a tiny cluster of stars; in the vast ocean that is the universe.

The end of us was nothing to the universe; hell, not even to our planet. We were so blinded by our pomposity, that we couldn't see the end coming. That... untimely, horrific... end.

We were on the verge of greatness. We were so close... Although, what seemed like greatness then, was nothing but us taking a step outside our home. A mere, first step towards space travel.

But that perceived greatness wasn't in our fate. Hah, funny how we thought we controlled our own fate. If only we'd seen the reality then. No, it would've been too late even then.

We were doomed the very day we started messing with our planet. The planet which only ever gave and never took from us. Until...

That fateful day, we were all on our high horses, believing that the mission would be successful. Believing that our plan was impeccable, flawless...

And it was, except, we overlooked one factor. One massive factor that we missed, thanks to our ignorance.

We just went on tampering with the planet's resources, without thinking about the consequences. Consequences that kept on building up, eventually blowing up in our faces.

We were about to launch the most powerful rocket we'd ever built. And all its power was to come from the planet itself.

Basically, we were going to use magma from a volcano directly, to power the rocket's launch. Which meant, we were going to voluntarily erupt a volcano.

Yes, the recklessness was alien to us at the time. But it seemed fairly doable, because of our technological prowess.

We had hit a spurt of rapid technological advancement within the last century.

Inventing a method of creating energy on the way, and eventually running our whole civilization on energy created by ourselves, becoming self-sustaining.

Said method however, involved probing deep into the planet to get a certain kind of rock needed for the energy creating mechanisms.

Over the past we'd drilled into the planet so often that the probing sites were riddled with holes, almost depleting that certain kind of rock.

And it was quite a special kind of rock. Harder than any material known to us, and cooler than ice. Our energy creation mechanisms were made of this rock.

They had to be, because no other material could endure the sheer amount of heat released in the energy creation process. Although, extracting so much of that rock might've been a grave error.

Even with the mechanisms we had, we were unable to create nearly enough energy to power the launch of a rocket. And so, we started looking about for sources of energy that we could use.

Eventually coming up with the plan.

The plan was to erupt a volcano by causing disruption within its magma chamber. We would've then used the heat and force of the spewing magma to power the launch of our rocket.

Of course, we would've been able to power the rocket easily once it left our planet, through one of the self-sustaining methods we'd invented. But we couldn't...

because the rocket didn't even launch. Instead...

The initial stage of our plan worked flawlessly. The volcano that we'd chosen was at the highest point on our planet. And we successfully made it erupt.

And just as we were about to celebrate, just as the rocket had started moving... Our end came, and it came swiftly.

The rock that we so selfishly took from the planet, was essential in maintaining temperature below the planet's crust. But since we took so much of it, the temperatures slowly began rising.

And with that magma kept on forming. One of the probing sites for the rock was close to a super volcano that had been dormant for millennia.

But since it had been dormant for so long, we paid no heed to it.

The magma chamber that we'd disrupted was connected to another chamber some distance away. And that chamber belonged to that dormant super volcano. Well, dormant no longer...

The explosive eruption hit us at an unfathomable speed, pulverizing the ones at the rocket launch site instantly. And rapidly increasing the radius of its destruction, it ended all of us.

There was no escape. Even the ones on the other side of the planet couldn't survive.

While the eruption spread out over nearly half of our planet, the falling ashes made it impossible to breathe anywhere on the planet.

And that was it. In the span of a few hours, an entire species was erased...

Our ignorance eventually led to our end. We... truly knew nothing.

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