25th Things I Want
25th Things I Want romance stories

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25th Things I Want

by viehbts for his dearest, kcckle

1. Stargaze

look up at the stars. see a shooting star or even a spot satellites. keep warm and talks about all sort of things.

2. Cuddling Next To A Camp Fire

hugs, kisses and stay still until the a.m

3. Drink A Hot Cocoa

while snuggles to each other.

4. Cooks Together

5. Write a Love Poem

6. Tell Jokes

even it's a lame jokes

7. Play-Fights

with water, or food, or pillows, or anything.

8. Sing a stupid song really loud

9. Piggyback ride

let me piggy back ride you with my eyes shut or covered.

10. Wear my shirt this night

so I can laugh at you but kiss you and tell you're cute.

11. Take a Photoshoot

with a silly dummy face.

12. Send Some of music lyrics quotes

13. Give Massages

14. Call each other with a sweet nickname

call me things like hubby or anything sweet non-stop 24h

15. Give Surprise Gift

16. Tell some people(s) that you love me

in different languages, I want it 25.

17. Write Our Short Love Story

18. Make a pick-up lines for me

19. Walk in the rain

or maybe kissing in the rain.

20. Play Truth or Dare

21. Spontaneous trip

get on the bus without having a destination.

22. Watch the sunset

or the sunrise.

23. Bring me food or snacks in bed

24. Go on a very long walk with our kitten

25. Go on a midnight bike ride together

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