Caught up
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vidhipathak27 Community member
Autoplay OFF   •   10 months ago
A promptly made piece on the given prompt. Enjoy🙂
Am a bit late I guess😅

Caught up

Think of freedom and air comes to you

Think of freedom and smiles come to you

Think of freedom you feel yourself to be happy

But have you ever asked, if you really are free?

I thought I was, free from the bad bonds of the world

Turns out I was only listening to what I was told

I never had the chance to live on my own

Always moving around, tryna look like a grown

I never realised that in the urge to fight

I forgot to live my life in light

Caught up in the net of problems

I never noticed the many scissors around

All those who may have loved me

I just unknowingly pushed them down

Finally when I halted the train of my life

The engine to my thoughts boost up

And I realised that the net was finally cut.

And I was really free

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