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victoriaopoka all pictures were captured by me :)
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so i'm comparing myself to the sun, but someone's sun. i don't know if that makes sense

your sun

i'm sorry i'm not perfect, i'm sorry you have to learn how to love my flaws. i won't mind if you don't want too, i don't either.

i'm sorry the sun isn't shining as much as it used too. the summer is slowly fading away and all your feelings are going with it.

it holds all of our breathless memories, that i'm scared you are now forgetting. i wish i was the spark you lost from the sun. when you look at me, i wish you would see me as the bright sun.

i wish i could be the warmth the sun once gave you, i could replace its absence.

i wish i could at least be your stars, they send light out and last almost forever, of course not as long as the sun.

i want to impact your life as much as the sun did, i want to be more special to you, like the sun.

but sadly, both of us don't receive that recognition and we just simply move on, giving warmth, light and not being appreciated by those who we help the most.

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