what made you fall in love with me?
what made you fall in love with me? romance stories
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victoriaopoka all pictures were captured by me :)
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when someone lets you love them then pushes you away

what made you fall in love with me?

was it my majestic eyes or long blonde hair

was it my iridescent smile and long legs

was it that i had the ability to make you laugh and open up to me

was it the fact that we were both experiencing things we wanted to let go of just to hold onto each other

what made you want to push me away?

was is my caring and understanding

were you just not used to being fixed by someone else

maybe you didn’t want me to have that much control over you

but that’s where you were wrong

i didn’t want to change you, i wanted to listen to you and help you

i wanted to be the one person you turned to when you felt like you had nobody

i wanted to be the love of your life

but you just wouldn’t let me.

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