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victoriaopoka all pictures were captured by me :)
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to the guy who broke me

thank you

now i'm realizing that i never got a chance to thank you. thanks for the experience and for all that you've put me through. thanks for making me struggle but making me stronger.

thanks for inspiring me to create my first short story. it's boys like you who make writers true artists. you made me feel again, deep, craving emotions, and you broke me.

funny thing is that i don't blame you. i'm finally ready to move on and learn how to be happy without you. i don't regret it either, falling for you.

everyone who goes through this thinks that they've just wasted their time and love. but i'm not like that when it comes to you. i'm happy that you came into my life and completely ruined it.

there might be some people out there that still have hope on the possibility of us, but i don't anymore.

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