exposing myself
exposing myself sad stories
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victoriaopoka all pictures were captured by me :)
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my friend cried when she read this, so i guess i’ll share it with you

exposing myself

you feel as if it got worse, you’ve worsened your circumstance,

you let yourself drown in the music you’ve learnt had the ability to make you cry

you let yourself feel the sadness you put upon yourself

you let yourself cry

you let yourself feel the pain

you’ve also stopped pushing yourself

you have doubts in your success

you don’t think you’ll make it anywhere

to yourself, you are a failure

that lacks attention but always seeks it

that turns to people and immediately regrets it

that tells yourself everyday that you’ll distance yourself away from everyone so they won’t have to deal with you

you forgot how to spread and feel the love you deserve

you’ve detached yourself from people who had potential of staying in your life forever

you let yourself be control by other people and feel bad when you think they’ve lost that control

you let yourself be and feel replaced

you think that you’re a burden to everyone yet such a good person the world lacks people like you

you give too much of yourself to the wrong people

you mess up every attempt you had at a relationship

you don’t think any boy has ever truly liked you or felt the same way you did about them

that’s s fact for sure

because my emotions are huge and i’ve lost all control over them

when i feel, i feel with every single little piece of my body

i love with passion i feeeelllll with passion

i have too much, i give too much

i need to give myself the love i give to the wrong people

i can fix myself

i will love myself

i will give myself the love i deserve, stupid boys don’t know how to do that anyway

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