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victoriahunt A humble songwriter from the mountains
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Beneath the tide, I've tried to focus fortune on the hurricane to come.

My Resolve

Beneath the tide

I've tried to focus fortune on the hurricane to come

Across the line

I've tried to play my part as a commodity

Bring your conditions on

I sense progression in the finest is a hefty price to pay

We indulge in comfortability from those who've paved the way

After all is said and done

Your only hope after the pouring rain is by the fireside

Above the smoke

I've pledged to hold my breath in vain

For all of those who's lost their hope

And to all of us misspoken

It's better to hold your tongue than choke

How bitter these roots run

Grown in a bed of control

We reap what we sow until there's nothing here at all

How bitter these roots run

How unfortunate, How sad.

How easy it is to tune you out

When the talk is as small as any other man

I will do what I can.

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