It Was Just A Dream
It Was Just A Dream horror stories

victoriahunt A humble songwriter from the mountains
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The Aftermath - just a post-apocalyptic dream I've been having. It seems like all my dreams are dystopian in nature.

It Was Just A Dream

By Tori the Brave

This is the second night in a row I've had the same kind of dream

Same exact plot With a different setting scene Our homes were the spines of mountains I went back to eating meat In the aftermath of savage scarcity

The ground below was a wasteland All aid was depleting I'm here looking for whatever This earth we've been mistreating And I'm looking for whoever Taking what I can

Searching empty streets until I came across a man He warned me of the darkness, of the caves that lie ahead He said "Those tempted by solace meet untimely death instead."

So I proceed with caution, but I thought I heard a song: "The wind will whisper lightly for a second, then it's gone." The voice that carried taunted, and with every haunting note My vision swam with translucent white until I finally rewoke

And I was there I was blind but I was there In all the bliss I caught a glimpse of a new world to compare And I was there I was blind but I was there

I wanted to touch the northern lights, but I had nothing in turn to share.

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