Wataridori: Migratory Birds
Wataridori: Migratory Birds forever stories

victoriaargent give it a chance
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Wataridori: Migratory Birds

by victoriaargent

Among animals, The best at keeping promises are migratory birds.

They fly hundreds and thousands of kilometres To find their very own special place to call home.

And once a year, they'll return. No matter what, they leave with the promise to be back.

Humans are different from birds. They build houses to live in, but it's in others that they see the place to call home. Homes are people, not places.

Humans are different from birds. They aren't good at keeping promises. Sometimes they leave to never come back. How can they be so unreliable?

That's why I don't trust human promises anymore. But in you I want to trust.

That's why, if you want to be my migratory bird, I'll be yours. Let's find our way back to each other, every day.

Let's pinky swear tonight, under the darkest of night skies, that we will be migratory birds forever.

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