Surechigau: To miss each other
Surechigau: To miss each other friendzone stories

victoriaargent give it a chance
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Mutual love, but not of the same kind.

Surechigau: To miss each other

by victoriaargent

Lying on the wet grass Inhaling the soft breeze While the burning sun shone on their young skins

In a park like any other Two friends were whispering their secrets to each other Two allies and accomplices on a sunny monday morning

She was thinking of a love she might have lost And he was being encouraged to pursue his own;

But what she failed to see Was the lust in his eyes For her lips, her eyes, her mind

Maybe the friends were perfect for each other in many ways But not in the one he wished for

Because her everything was already taken by another Despite those days in the park

If he ever had stood a chance Well then he must have missed it Because when he held her close

I swear she felt a pleasing friendly touch

And not the hands of the lover she longed for A lover whom, despite the uncertain fate that might await her, she couldn't forget

So I'm sorry, my friend, if we missed each other I truly believed we were on the same page

Thank you for being the best And please don't close our book

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