Sayonara: Goodbye
Sayonara: Goodbye pain stories

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Sayonara: Goodbye

by victoriaargent

Goodbye to you, my closest friend, Closest not because we talk everyday But because I know that the place I hold you in Is the nearest to my very own heart.

Goodbye to you, my loveliest friend, Not loveliest because you are kinder than others Nor because we never fight But because I truly see your spontaneous sincerity in good and bad times.

Goodbye, my purest friend, Purest not because you never get your hands dirty, but because whatever you do is ungracefully innocent.

But you're not just especially lovely and pure and innocent You're also exceptionally foolish and egoistic Self-centered and naive

And I gave you all my smiles and my tears Despite your mistakes and my misunderstandings In spite of our bond being an endless circle of your "Sorry" and my "I forgive you"

I promised myself that we'd be forever But baby, I'm tired, I can't run after you anymore You could cost me my sanity and you don't even see it usually Unless I spell it out for you

So, for the first and the last time, I will be the one to say "Sorry", because I'm letting go of the toxic in us

And if you matured in these years, even just a little bit, have the strength to say the "I forgive you" that I always forced out of my mouth For your sake And Let Go

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