Otoko to Onna: Men And Women
Otoko to Onna: Men And Women change stories

victoriaargent give it a chance
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Otoko to Onna: Men And Women

by victoriaargent

Some of us are taught that "Women must be chaste and pure, know their limits, and mustn’t laugh openly in public or be provocative with every move."

Some are taught that "Men must be promiscuous and strong, have no limits, laugh, entertain and never apologise even if they do wrong"

Why are women told to run from danger and hide, while men are forced to face it with a smile?

Is there really a weak sex? Aren't there men crying? Aren't there women fighting?

I do not know What kind of world we would be in If men and women were treated the same

But just the thought of it Makes my heart flutter And irradiates my soul With the brightness of a thousand suns

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