Oba-san: Grandmother
Oba-san: Grandmother forever stories
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Oba-san: Grandmother

by victoriaargent

Thank you Thank you 17 times 17 for the years of your life that you dedicated

To me To my health To my happiness

Thank you for standing by me when I was sick When I was mad When I was sad

And even when I was bad

Thank you for never pitying me For lifting me up when others tried to drag me down For teaching me not to resent them

For the best people are the ones that are able to shine without dulling the light of others

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you and sorry. Sorry for taking your love and health for granted. Sorry for not noticing the pain you hid within.

Thank you Because the warmth you left inside me will never fade That's probably why I'm a better person

Thank you Because I still feel you every step of my way Even if you'll never see me graduate nor marry, I hope my life choices will make you proud from above

Thank you Because you've always believed that I was the greatest And that I'd show every single spiteful family member

What's like to be your own hero

But most importantly, Thank you for being right I am great I am proud And I don't resent anyone for the things that were done to me Because there's much more to this beautiful life

That you taught me to love

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