Nakanaide: Don't Cry
Nakanaide: Don't Cry human stories

victoriaargent give it a chance
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Do yourself a favour, and cry it all out

Nakanaide: Don't Cry

Some days are just really good, and some days are just really bad. However, I don't think those days are the worst, because at least you know whether and why you're happy or sad.

But there are some days, days that turn into weeks... In which you smile a lot, but at some point you feel hot tears running down your cheeks.

On those days you're not really happy, you're not really sad, you're everything altogether and nothing at all. On those days, you're ashamed, because you break and fall.

Small and big troubles pile up and seem to come to hunt you down... ...they crawl up in your bed and make no sound.

Don't Cry. Don't Cry. Don't Cry. That's what you tell yourself, but it isn't right. Because those days, weeks or months that start coming after you Are simple proof that you're human, too.

Shower your heart and mind with your tears, And may we all learn to accept our fears.

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