Kaniza: Cancer
Kaniza: Cancer family stories
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victoriaargent give it a chance
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Kaniza: Cancer

by victoriaargent

The scary part wasn't getting the email

nor it was reading that long, unpronounceable name

a medical term that held no particular meaning to me anyways.

The scary part wasn't doing the copy-and-paste

nor googling whatever condition I had, knowing the internet always exaggerates.

The scary part wasn't reading "infections", "cancer", "damage" and "ovaries" in the same sentence

I mean, at least it was written in terms I understood.

The scary part didn't even come when I started crying

because I whine pretty often for ridiculous and futile stuff

so the reaction itself was quite ordinary, if not expected.

The thing that truly set me off The thing that scared me the most That all wasn't it

It was shaking in pure terror Holding my phone

and not knowing who to call

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