Loneliness By Victor Everlight
Loneliness By Victor Everlight sad stories

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The imagery of true loneliness in the hearts of people. First poem as well, hope you enjoy

Loneliness By Victor Everlight


A shadow looming over you, never in direct sight but always there behind you, biding it's time to strike

It attacks, not to consume you but to surround you in its veil of darkness

As it does the world grows dark and no light can seep through the dense shadow, and any search for this light is fruitless

As you try to fight this shadow and remove the veil with no success, you feel a cold presence around you like an icy mist

The warmth you seek alludes you through the journey of this shadow, the only warm present is your own that is being sapped away from you very slowly

As you reach for anything in this darkness, anything you can cling to in this broken world, you find nothing but solitude as the shadow grows darker

You feel a hand on your shoulder, it's a familiar touch that you have longed for as you so desperately try to remove the shadow to no avail

As you touch this hand you see the shadow reseed, you grasp this hand as you turn to see a face that your ecstatic to see and you embrace them with all you might


A shadow-like being so unwelcome but yet a feeling so familiar for all of us, it looms in the background waiting to consume you once again

One day it will consume the world for one last time for you and it will stay with you until this world is unfamiliar to you and you are unfamiliar to the world you so desperately cling too

The excitement for that day radiates throughout it, this does not make you fear it but makes you even more aware of its intent and.......

It's hunger

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