Hope by Victor Everlight
Hope by Victor Everlight sad stories

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The hope we all seek can be only temporary, but still exists non the less

Hope by Victor Everlight

Hope, A structure in our lives we hold very dear to our soul. Even when the structure is broken, we still cling to it like it has a purpose to fulfill.

It can hold strong in people's lives and can buckle under its own weight and show weakness in others. It could be an inspiration for some and a crutch for those that are weaker.

The structure supports all that needs its help.

From a community that is struggling to survive and doesn't want to fall into the darkness of obscurity,

to the hopeless venture of a single mind looking for a last piece of light to cling to in their world that is stuck in the void.

This structure is strong, and yet it will still start to crumble and fall eventually.

Wear and tear will start to show, and all we can do is patch it up and see all the scars that it will collect before it falls.

As the structure falls around you, collecting into dust and rubble, you see something from out of that debris. It is a new structure something either bigger or smaller.

Yet, you feel the purpose of the structure is still unclear, vague, and uncertain.

But you already know the name of the structure, don't you...... You know it well and you know why it's there and yet you let it stand.

We all have our own structures, so how does this one change you.

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