A Different Kind of Love
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A realistic poetical description of unrequited love.

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A Different Kind of Love

Because I loved you,

I watched you from afar.

Because I loved you,

I saw your the lines of your smile in the stars.

Because I loved you,

I shared the burden of the weight on your shoulders.

Because I loved you,

I dreamed off our life together as we grew older.

But through this flurry of love, this storm of emotions, this influx of feeling,

it was obvious,

you did not feel the same.

And that fact brought me great pain.

You dreamed of other things,

things bigger than me.

Your eyes shined for other girls,

girls who I wanted to be.

When you looked up at the night sky,

you saw nothing but the sky, not I,

just sky.

So in the end,

we still remained friends.

We laughed and loved in a different way.

The warmth and pressure of your hand on my back was full of care.

I only crossed your mind in the light of day.

You looked at me as a brother would lovingly look at a sister.

And we carried our own burdens and dreamed our own dreams.

Our lips never touched,

our bodies never intertwined,

yet we still loved one another very much.

I was yours and you were mine.

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