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Part 2 - A story of two people that are in love. What will Chris see when he open that door?

Your Last Word

'Are you serious?' Chris yelled 'It's not what...' Alex said, but Chris cut 'Why would you do this to me?' Chris asked 'Chris! It's not what you...' Alex said, but Chris cut again

'I'm not asking you!' Chris said as he turned to me 'Babe! What's going on?' Chris asked 'Get out!' I respond calmly 'You're cheating on me.' Chris said

'I said GET OUT' I yelled and pointed at the door Chris stood angrily staring at me and Alex. 'FINE! F this!' Chris said

As Chris walked out of the door, I burst into tears. I looked at Alex then dried off my tears. 'I'm sorry Alex.' I said 'Don't be sorry!' Alex said Everything went dark...

Chris tried to contact me so many times, but I never answer. He tried to call my friends and family, but nobody was answering questions about me.

2 Weeks Later... 'That's the guy that cheated with my girlfriend.' Chris said Chris walked so fast and punched Alex in the face.

'Are you serious? Two weeks ago you cheated with my girlfriend and now you're here wit somebody else?' Chris said angrily Alex stood up. 'Let me explain.' Alex said

To be continue...

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