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The cool parasites

I used to love them.

Well maybe 'love' is not the right word for it. It was mostly hormones getting all riled up reading those books on flawless, pale skinned, lithe hunks.

But when those rusty cogs in the brain begin to move again after the teenage craze wears off, the thought process begins like this.

Ah those fangs seem so cool. Wish I had them.

On second thoughts, it must hurt to have those razor sharp tooths poking the insides of my mouth.

Some retract though, don't they, when the blood thirst is sated.

How are they razor sharp though? What part of getting bitten by a vampire, explains acne free skin, runway model looks, superhuman grace, powers, mind control, few extra long teeth, ripped muscles, lustrous hair and whatever else is part of the vampire package.

The source of it all is the blood they consume, the remnants of the fan girl explains. We humans consume dead food, cut off from its life source to sate our unsatiable hunger. But what they consume is life itself.

A part of me almost buys the theory of that crazed fan girl.

Their staple liquid diet explains why any of them aren't obese. But truly, does that explain why they get to live on and on, as long as they keep draining the life source of pathetic humans and animals?

Nah, it doesn't. You don't see mosquitoes and leeches living forever.

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