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shush a while..look at the stars

Rooftop Conversations

Don’t feel compelled to fill those silences

I love them

When I am wrapped in that cozy silence

That’s when I take you all in

That’s when everything about that morning,noon or night gets etched in my memory

Do confide in me, I never meant that you never utter a word

I’ll hang to your every word, every lift of your eyebrows and every curve of your smile

But I often find myself break free of that trance when you drone on and on

to keep up that chatter that you find comforting

cutting into the silence, sawing away at your hold on me

until I am clueless as to what I am nodding to

until I am lost in everything else but you

until my mind strains to break apart those chain links that still hinge me to you

and roam free over the swaying trees and puffy clouds for a moment’s respite

Do you get me?

Tell me you do

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