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I'll probably be out cold or worse in the morning. Didn't wake you up because I didn't think you'd be much of a help anyway

Out Cold

There are times when I wake him up when I feel this way

And then at times I just wait for it to wear it off

Grief and suffering can be tiring

When you've been going through it for as long as I have

You'll realize that after a while your tear ducts dry out

And long before that everyone else in your life

who seemed to be such promising candidates

for the whole ' through sickness and health' deal

run out of sympathy and patience

Nah, I don't blame them

I've been there and done that too

But as I lie awake in my bed,

paralyzed by a numbness

feeling its immobilizing grasp

spread through the whole of my left arm, feet and face

My heart clenches in me

fear of death has me breaking into cold sweat

And I wish there was someone I could speak to

so that I'd feel less lonely in my last moments

someone to whom I could bare my heart to

without being weighed down by the guilt of burdening them

And somehow I know as I lay here paralysed

Or maybe I always knew

that someone wasn't the one I was lying next to,

the one who had taken vows to cherish me and bear my grief with me

No, this someone was the one I 'd probably meet with after

I'd breathed my last breath.

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