Lightning Forked Destiny #4

Lightning Forked Destiny #4 supernatural stories

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A cult sacrifice gone wrong, grants her power to wield darkness. A darkness that spills out of her, for it wasn't meant to be wielded by mankind. But wield she does, for she isn't done fighting.

Lightning Forked Destiny #4

Chapter 4


Not to kill, she told herself

But still..

They were quite hard for her to leash in.

To not let those tendrils of darkness wreak took so much out of her

And she wanted to take as much out of them..the ones doing the killing to raise the damned from the inferno

Turning around, she caught him staring again. He never looked away. She always did.

One look at him was enough to tell her, what he thought of her efforts to keep the the increasing darkness out of her.

She wasn’t strong enough to hold them off anymore. They'd already begun seeping in.

The darkness, now scouring another field for traces of the cult, found none to her surprise. But what she did get a whiff of was blood, lots of it intermingled with that of earth.

The scent of blood strong enough to make her cringe, yet, sensing him behind her, she couldn’t hesitate anymore. She trudged forward, her ears peeled for the reassuring footsteps that followed her in.

Worried eyes pinned her from behind as she doubled back retching.

Sprawled on the blood soaked ground before her was a mutilated body of a girl not much older than her.

Before she could recover, vines shot out, knotting themselves over her throat. She clawed at it, struggling to breathe.

The guest star from Inferno.. mere inches from her face

It’s eyes.. hell fire and into its depths, she found herself falling. Her screams joining the screams of the fallen.

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